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Device Tracker is a centralized software solution used to track Zebra Android mobile devices, find missing devices and help prevent device inventory shrinkage. The Device Tracker Solution is comprised of:

Device Tracker Client Software runs on all Zebra Android Mobile devices that are tracked. It enables the client device to send presence updates to the Device Tracker console and also provides a remote ringing based device finding feature.

Device Tracker Visibility Console Server provides centralized tracking with alerts. The Zebra DNA Console Server software can be hosted locally or in the cloud. Devices and alerts are tracked through a dashboard accessed from a supported browser running on a kiosk, tablet, or PC. 

Device Tracker is supported on Zebra devices running Android Marshmallow, Nougat or Oreo. DNA Visibility Console Server is supported on Windows 2012 and 2016 server editions.

Please visit the Techdocs site for complete documentation. 

For more information, documentation and developer assistance, please see: 

- Device Tracker Software




Device Tracker

Release Date: 

February 2019

Device Compatibility

This software has been approved for use with the following devices:

  • - MC3300
  • - MC3300R Series
  • - PS20
  • - TC51
  • - TC51-HC Mobile Computer
  • - TC52 Touch Computer
  • - TC52-HC
  • - TC56
  • - TC57 Touch Computer
  • - TC70x
  • - TC72 Touch Computer
  • - TC75x
  • - TC77 Touch Computer


Zebra Device Tracker Solution v. 1.0 Release Notes Download 202 KB


Device Tracker Client Software v. 1.0: contains Client and DSD file for StageNow profile creation

 Download 1 MB

Zebra DNA Visibility Console Server (For Device Tracker & PowerPrecision Console), v. 2.0

 Download 280 MB


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