Point of Sale

Change the way they checkout

Make your point of sale a point of difference.

As digital sales continue to rise, it’s never been more important for you to optimize your points of sale. Zebra’s fixed and mobile point of sale solutions allow for increases in efficiency that shrink lines, reduce hang ups and keep customers coming back again and again, even at peak hours.

Point of Sale Solutions

Fixed Point of Sale

Zebra’s fixed point of sale solutions keep transactions fast and accurate and lanes flowing smoothly.

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Mobile Point of Sale

Zebra's mobile point of sale solutions can bust up big lines and minimize abandoned sales by processing payment at the customer's point of decision.

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SaveMax Success Story

"We wanted to future-proof our Point of Sales by implementing 2D scanners today...as a result [our cashiers] are vastly more productive." See how SaveMax in Indonesia built a world-class fixed PoS system from the ground up.

Zebra will help you design a solution to meet your Point of Sale needs