In-Store Operations

Operate with Incredible Efficiency.

To build a profitable and engaging in-store experience, you need full control of all our valued assets, including product inventory, staff, and other facility management equipment. With solutions like Staff Enablement and Price Management Execution, Zebra's industry-leading solutions are designed specifically for retail to provide complete visibility and efficiency for your stores.

In-Store Operations Solutions

Staff Enablement

Develop a connected staff who can quickly and accurately access information from anywhere to add value to your customers’ experience.

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Point of Sale

Process payments efficiently and accurately anywhere with mobile and fixed POS solutions.

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Inventory Management

Ensure the products that shoppers want are always available when they want them.

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Personal Shopping Solution

Zebra’s Personal Shopping Solution allows customers to scan their own items as they shop, resulting in efficient bag packing and faster check out.

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Couponing, Gift and Loyalty Solutions

Build customer loyalty by offering a more personal experience through intelligent rewards programmes, gift registries, and coupons.

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doddle store customer service window


Norwegian grocery wholesaler and retailer deploys Zebra touch computers to drive ordering and inventory management efficiency.

The Sting

Discover how this Dutch retailer is boosting efficiency in every corner of it's store.

Retail employee using Zebra tablet to help customer.

Zebra’s 2019 Shopper Vision Study

Our global research study uncovers the new retail transformation that’s pushing retailers toward delivering unique consumer experiences through in-shop mobile technology.

personal shopper kiosk


Zebra’s Personal Shopping Solution allows customers to scan their own items as they shop meaning that they only have to pack their bags once and can check out without a queue. 

Zebra will help you design a solution to meet your In-Store Operational needs