Zebra OneCare Visibility Services


Insight Into the Health, Usage and Performance of Zebra Devices to Maximise ROI

Data device invisibility is the enemy of any organisation — you can’t manage what you can’t see. The Zebra OneCare services portfolio goes beyond traditional support with additional options that provide the advanced operational visibility and predictability required to maximise the performance of your critical business assets. If you’re still managing and tracking your Zebra devices manually, you may be missing key data that could help increase business productivity and ROI.

By harnessing data-driven analytics Zebra Visibility Services give you the insight you need to ensure your devices are available and ready for their workday – providing data analytics to help you make to most informative business decisions to boost automation and productivity.

Get deeper visibility of your devices and increase business efficiency by understanding:

  • Where your devices are in operational environment
  • How they’re performing
  • If they’re being fully utilised
  • If they’re properly configured with a fully charged battery
  • and much more . .

Prevent device issues from impacting your business with predictive analytics

Reduce the high cost of unplanned device downtime

Maximise availability and utilisation of your Zebra devices for greater ROI

Zebra Visibility Services for Every Business

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This quickly activated subscription-based service provides at-a-glance visibility into asset and health data across all your Zebra mobile computers, Link-OS networked printers and smart batteries — no onsite equipment or MDM required.

  • Monitor device location, inventory, status, battery health, repair history, contract status and more all from an online dashboard via a browser- or tablet-based application
  • Get actionable predictive intelligence to help prevent device downtime before it impacts your operations
  • Customise views with user-defined asset tagging and naming
  • Easy to read, colour-coded dashboard makes device status easy to understand
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Operational Visibility Service (OVS)

OVS and OVS Connect give you a powerful integrated device management platform via a single pane of glass on a cloud-based portal - providing a management solution with advanced visibility far beyond what an EMM solution alone may offer. Get deep visibility into your mobile computers and printers to help you maximise workforce productivity and business efficiency.

  • Aggregates data from devices (EMM, Zebra IOT agent) and Zebra’s business systems (repair, support, contracts, etc)
  • Aids data interpretation and analysis for presentation in easy to read, actionable reports
  • Fully-hosted SOTI MobiControl included with Zebra’s OVS solution, or leverage your existing EMM investment with OVS Connect
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Whirlpool needed help managing mobile devices at 20 U.S. distribution centres. Data accuracy and device inventory was a costly problem for Whirlpool leadership.

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Discover Your Next Best Move with Savanna™

Don’t just collect data. Put data to work with Zebra Savanna, a breakthrough data intelligence platform. Savanna combines Internet of Things (IoT) end-point connectivity, configuration management, data transport, data storage, analytics and machine learning into one platform. Leverage Savanna to turn raw data into actionable insights for your business.