Healthcare Mobility

healthcare provider scanning patient with a mobile device for healthcare mobility

2022 Hospital Vision Study Report

Hospitals around the globe are investing in mobile computers and it’s redefining the way healthcare is delivered. Obtain critical insights into key healthcare trends and their impact on quality, cost and outcomes.

Enhance Communication and Enable Collaboration

For your providers to be most successful, they need the ability to instantly connect with colleagues, access patient data, and administer care from anywhere in the hospital. Zebra enables best-in-class healthcare mobility with mobile devices, scanners and printers that give providers the tools they need to administer care flawlessly – right from the patient's side. Zebra's mHealth solutions help clinicians communicate and collaborate in real-time, increasing patient safety, care and satisfaction.

Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Healthcare Communication and Collaboration

Enable clinical mobility by providing secure texting and reliable voice messaging among hospital staff.

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Healthcare Data Management and Collection

Collect key information and provide real-time access to patient vitals, diagnostics, imaging and more at the point-of-care.

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Workflow Efficiency

Improve workflow efficiency with healthcare mobility that reduces unnecessary alerts, call alarms and notifications.

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See How Zebra is Innovating in Healthcare Mobility

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Healthcare on the Move

Did you know that 80% of nurses use applications on their smartphones that are not compliant with security measures?

Zebra TC51-HC touch computer

Connecting Clinicians to Real-Time Data

The TC51-HC touch computer delivers the highest quality care with everything your clinicians want, and everything your hospital needs.

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